Glory Train (Featured Gospel Single)

Release date: 13-Jan-2023

Label: Bell Buckle Records

Genre: Bluegrass Gospel

ISRC#: TCAGR2202353

UPC: 859768445376

Bluegrass / Gospel

Bobby Giles & Texas Gales Bluegrass Band- BJG Publishing / BMI

Steve Loggie ~ Banjo

Jim VanCleve ~ Fiddle, Mandolin, and Background Vocals

Lenny Nichols ~ Acoustic Bass

Carl Josefy ~ Mandolin, Background Vocals

Rob Ickes ~ Resophonic Guitar,

Bobby Giles ~ Guitar and Lead Vocals

Bluegrass singer and songwriter Bobby Giles offers a new gospel single, "Glory Train," from his upcoming album, "Music of Life." The song arises from his deep connection with God and his childhood fascination with the trains coming in and out of the depot in his hometown of Amarillo, Texas.

The lyrics of "Glory Train" are based on the scripture in 2 Corinthians 5:8, We are confident, I say, and willing rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord.

The bluegrass vocals and harmonies by Bobby, Jim VanCleve, and Carl Josefy are rich and smooth, creating a soulful bluegrass sound of an authentic train horn. The virtuosic combination of acoustic instrumentation showcases the award-winning talent of Jim Van Cleve on the fiddle and the sweet smooth resonator guitar track from Rob Ickes. The song's driving beat, laid down by bassist Lenny Nichols feels like riding on a fast train to the glory. Banjoist Steve Loggie along with the crisp mandolin backbeat of Carl Josefy adds energy to this bluegrass gospel song. Overall, Bobby Giles has created a true evangelical foot stomper and handclapper!

Digging deeper into Bobby's lyrics, we find ourselves standing with him beside the railroad tracks as a child. His Dad served as a conductor on the Santa Fe Line in Amarillo, Texas, for several years, and many other family members also worked for the railroad.

Bobby, his brother, and his cousin would ride their bikes down to the depot to watch the trains roll in and out of town. In the days before Amtrak took over the passenger rail business in the United States, Bobby would sit on the benches under the high-arched entranceway. He would eagerly await the arrival and departure of the San Francisco Chief, which ran for over 2,000 miles between Chicago and San Francisco.

Bobby recalls overhearing two oldtimers discussing the demise of the San Francisco Chief. One of them asked, "I wonder if the Glory Train is gonna look like that?"

"Picturing a train bound for glory, filled with God's chosen ones, is somethin' most anybody can identify with. The song "Glory Train" is a testament to our hopeful and certain progression from our temporary life on earth to our eternal residence, as well as an invitation to 'come on and ride'--All Aboard!" - Bobby Giles, Singer, and Songwriter.