In Tennessee (Featured Song)
Those long ol’ lonesome highways that I travel
Don’t always take me where I want to be
Sometimes I’d rather be out on the front porch…in Tennessee
When heartstrings might near anything unravels
I think about those times at Daddy’s knee
He told me that each season had its reason…in Tennessee
I don’t know if I can find the words to tell you how it feels
To live the life you’ve always wanted barefoot in the hills
That mountain range, those summer rains, in wintertime it snows
On Sunday mornin church bells ring and everybody goes in Tennessee
My Grandpa says there ain’t no explanation
Its just the way things are ‘round here you see
You can always find a highway headin’ home…in Tennessee
Ooo-ooh I’ve found the rainbow’s end
Ooo-ooh it was just around the bend
Ol’ Rocky Top it never stops, there’s moonlight kissin’ too
Supper’s on the table and the only thing that’s missin’ here is you
In Tennessee…Tennessee