On The Tips of Angels' Wings (feat. Ben James and Jerry Salley)
Writers: Rick Lang, Becky Buller

I'll will fly away on the tips of angels wings
High above clouds where the joy bells ring
When Jesus calls my name I'm gonna shout and sing
As I rise up to Heaven on the tips of angels wings

Won't be here much longer in this bed
I can see them hover overhead
Don't you worry 'bout me, don't you weep and moan
Come the morning I'll be going home

Momma always said that they would come
When my time allotted here was done
I wonder is she watching, waiting there for me
To celebrate throughout eternity

The light is growing brighter all around
In the distance I hear Gabriel's trumpet sound
When my spirit leaves my body, I shall be set free
At long last I'll feel the sweetest peace