A Little Bit More Like Him (feat. John Meador, Tim Raybon & Bradley Walker)
Writers: Rick Lang, Donna Ulisse

My Lord, My Lord I want to be more like Him
My God, my all, a little bit more like him
I want to follow in His footsteps, every ragged road and bend
Let me walk until the end (until the end), just little bit more like Him

Verse 1
I don't want to pass my brother by and not reach out my hand
Don't want to judge him by the way he looks
I want to learn to lift him up and help him if I can
Live by the example found that old good book

Verse 2
Jesus said love everyone be you rich or poor
You'll find a gem in each and every heart
Let my arms swing out wide, like an open door
Welcome everybody in just like the Great Thou Art