Everyday Blessings
Writers: Rick Lang, Daryl Mosley

The morning sun chasing the darkness away
The birds singing sweetly to welcome the day
Sit on the porch my coffee in hand
I know I'm a fortunate man

The flowers are blooming their colors explode
Their beauty encircles my humble abode
The soft scent of lilacs is filling the air
Lingering close like a prayer

Every blessings taken for granted
Oft overshadowed because they seem small
But here in a world full of mystery and wonder
These every day blessings are the greatest of all

The smile of a stranger, a friendly hello
A call from a friend when your feeling low
The radio playing your favorite song
You can't help singing along

We tend to thank God for moving the mountains
And calming the storms out on our seas
But He's reigning down with everyday blessings just look around you and see