Blue Collar Gospel (feat. The Oak Ridge Boys)
Artist: Jerry Salley (feat. The Oak Ridge Boys)
Writers: Rick Lang, Bill Whyte, Jerry Salley

Preacher Dan was a God fearin' man who grew up on the farm
Worked the rows with a plow and hoe building muscles in his arms
But he sold his 80 acres and his John Deere tractor when he heard the call
To spread Gods word in a denim shirt a true man of the cloth

He's Preachin' blue (blue) collar gospel
To the hard (hard) workin' folks in town
Chapter and verse down to earth
For the lost and found
You don't have to dress in your Sunday best to be blessed
By that red dirt apostle
When he's preaching (preachin') that blue collar gospel

He'll lead the congregation as they gather in to bow their heads
And pray for rain for the beans and hay so the families can be fed
Then he'll take the words in red and read em' in a way they understand
From that King James Bible that he's holding there in his calloused hands

When the service is over he makes sure he shakes everybody's hand
And reminds them as they leave just how much the Good Lord loves a working man