God Bless Ya Brother!
Story: What a Session!

Songwriter Hall of Fame producer, Norris (Norro) Wilson, a big man, with a
bigger than life personality, had put together a premier group of Nashville’s best players for the session. Hargus (Pig) Robbins (Hall of Fame) was on
piano. Hall of Famer, Pete Drake was on steel, Buddy Harman (Hall of Fame)
was on drums. When Norro asked if it was all right with me to bring in the
Jordanaires (Hall of Fame of course) I merely nodded o.k., since I was so
overwhelmed to have the same great group that backed up Elvis,
that I couldn't speak very well.
I was from the Tex/New Mex rockabilly side of the country and did not know all of the Nashville musicians. For instance, I had not heard of the drummer Buddy Harman. We first did a slow song and took a break before cutting the up-tempo - God Bless Ya' Brother! Buddy and I had to go to the bathroom at the same time so while there I asked if he could raise the percussion level a bit on this next one. I, of course, didn't know at the time, I was addressing one of the best session drummers that ever lived. He replied, "I can handle that” and boy did he ever! When I later found out whom all the great artists he had played for - I realized I should have addressed him as sir! God Bless Ya Brother! has a message that will be pertinent for all time. Hope you like it!