04 For A Lifetime
For A Lifetime

Becky Buller, Goodnight Sparky Music, BMI

Roses bloom and roses fade
Like the promises you made
On that day in the distant past
What a shame that they couldn't last

Chorus 1: For a lifetime
It wasn't the right time
Had to give your heart time
For leaving

Seasons come and seasons go
You reach spring's rain through winter's snow
But for me, December remains
And I must live through a blanket of pain

Chorus 2: For a lifetime
It wasn't the right time
Now my heart has time
For grieving

Maybe someday, sweetheart you'll find
That you were wrong to ever leave me behind
You'll take my hand and I'll take your name
Together we'll kindle a lovers' flame

Chorus 3: For a lifetime
It will be the right time
When our hearts have time
For believing