Midnight & Lonesome ft. Steve Gulley
Writer: Julie Miller

There's a wordless moon that's watching tonight There's a garden that's left to grow wild There's a sound with no name when a far away train Cries like an unloved child

The paint on the walls is peeling away There's a photograph that fades on the shelf But the memory stays on of a love that is gone And I'm dancing by myself

Why why I wanna know She went and left me nowhere to go Why why tell me my friend It's midnight and lonesome again

The moon's still alone and I wonder sometimes If that's why the train has to cry So I ask right out loud But there's no answer now Cause I'm just talking to the sky

Now the morning is time to get ready In the evening you take off your shoes Well you work all the day till the sun's gone away But midnight lays claim to the blues