Farmers Lament
Contact: Josie Grant

Songwriter: Rick Grant, BMI

Close to sundown dust hanging like a cloud
A farmer is all I want to be
But the bank owns my land and I don’t understand
They’re telling me I’ve got to leave my home
Got to leave my home

They showed up today and they told me to pay
They told me all about the deed
Now all the work I’ve done has amounted to none
They’re telling me it’s not about their greed
Not about their greed

The fields lay fallow and the house is dark and cold
My wife and kids are headed down the road
Done all I can do stripped down to flesh and bone (this gets held)
Please help me god don’t leave me here alone
Leave my here alone

It’s been a few years a farmer no more
The shadows from the dust are nowhere near
They’ve taken my land title in greedy hands
Now their mines where I’m bound to be (on the land I used to own)
I’m bound to be (Land I used to own)

Now I strip and mine the land I used to own
Land I used to own