Cabela and Schmitt - Dancing Shoes
  • So Good (3:55)
  • Dancing In the Light (5:11)
  • Dancing Shoes (4:07) (Video Below!)
  • Into Your Hands (5:13) (Feature Track)
  • Thankful (4:21)
  • Sunshine On My Soul (4:14) (Feature Track) (Video Below)
  • It'll Be (4:06)
  • Likes (4:52) (Feature Track) (Video Below!)
  • I Pray For You (4:12)
  • Need A Love (4:15)
  • I Believe (3:44)
  • Channeling A Lie (4:31)
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These songs have been very well received by our fans.

"Hi guys, how are you? Wow, thank you so much, this is already the second song we've received from you. This is very significant for us, it has motivated us to continue on the path of the independent music scene. Sorry for the delay in returning. We love this, yet another amazing song. Great melody, you are great artists. Great musicians, very good. Great chorus, rousing, high energy. Incredible quality, great vocals, great lyrics, the recording, production and mixing are excellent, everything perfect. Really another beautiful job. We're going to play this Thursday, December 22nd at 3pm Brasilia time on the radio show 'Playlist Alternativa'. I will share with my team and in the message groups. Let's go together, long live independent music. Songs like yours make us believe and keep playing independent artists :) Thank you so much, forever grateful. Hugs from Brazil. Cheers. Obrigado"
--Nilton Vieira.

"Songwriters have the ability to turn life lessons and experiences into songs. For some, they write what they know while others, feel compelled to share the stories of others. Either way it is due to the romanticization of love and loss. It’s not easy to reflect your innermost thoughts on paper with pen but one songwriting team who’s putting a voice to our lives is the song writing team Cabela and Schmitt. Their songs are the compilation of all experiences in a person’s life from romance to finding your path. Cabela and Schmitt says the things that need saying and create song stories that teach lessons to generations of listeners. The music they are creating often has nostalgic elements appealing to a wide audience. They understand the power of great lyrics in telling a story and it’s through their music that people can come together and relate to each other more honestly. Cabela and Schmitt finishes out the year with a beautiful song about reflection. The song is soothing with nostalgic tones further supporting a reflective theme that infuses well with the melodic chorus and lyrical content. I enjoyed the harmonies. They have such a wonderfully pleasing tone in a chaotic world. Thankfully Cabela and Schmitt are always there bringing us music that makes us feel less alone. 'Wondering' is really all about those relationships we’ve all had with other people, that maybe we never did quite figure out or understand at the time. We all at times reflect on these past relationships and sometimes we might find ourselves still trying to make some sense out of these past unknowns. At the very least we try to take all the positives we can throughout our life relationships, and attempt to let go of as much of the negative as we possibly can, and continue to live on".
--A.V.A. Live Radio

"Hi Cabela and Schmitt. What an interesting song. A soft rock, somewhat alternative with indie, sounds great. You guys have a lot of potential, we congratulate you. We will share the song for sure. The song will be on the Groover playlist on Spotify and on our 24 hour radio for a month. We will also share it on social media.
Best regards from Colombia".

"As I stated last night on Facebook, you're the most versatile group I've ever seen. You have a GREAT message too. Much love."
~Larry "Tez" Tezekjian of Midas Touch Radio, March 1, 2020

"Cabela And Schmitt Finish 2019 In Style With ‘What You Say’"!
"Ending what was a spectacular year, the trio have treated us to a fantastic single entitled ‘What You Say’. A single written by the band, about the way people treat one another, how they talk to each other and how their words can either be loving, encouraging or sometimes hateful, leaves a powerful message that rings through with each and every listen. With plenty of new material coming in the new year, Cabela And Schmitt are destined to make their mark on the music industry next year".
~Dylan Smith, EDM House Network, December 29, 2019

"Known for their incredible and heartfelt writing, the band has the ability to stun an entire audience due to the vocalist voice and lyrical depth".
~Ben Ali (Keep Walking Music), April 29, 2019

"Cabela and Schmitt are worthy of a follow and as they seem to get better with every new release. We can’t wait to see and hear what’s next".
~Artist Sounds Blog, November 27, 2019

"Dancing Shoes" Album Now Fully Released

We have enjoyed our listeners' response as we have released the album's eight singles ("Dancing Shoes", "Thankful", "Into Your Hands", "Dancing In the Light", "Need A Love", "It'll Be", "I Pray For You", and "So Good"). Listen to the entire album right here on the Dancing Shoes page! The album is written and produced by Cabela and Schmitt and is now available (official release date was October 1).

The "Dancing Shoes" album is Cabela and Schmitt’s latest collection of compositions all touching on themes of life’s energy, expression, direction, and appreciation, with some spiritual perspective as well.

Cabela and Schmitt say “We are pleased to share this latest group of songs with the world, and hope our listeners enjoy the music and feel the emotion and energy”.

All songs written and performed by Cabela and Schmitt
PRO: (BMI) (C)2019

Release date: 10-01-2019


Dancing Shoes is about the free going spirit you get when you're stomping your feet and dancing to the beat.

2. SO GOOD (3:55)
Living a life where a love is so unbelievable that you can't describe well enough to relate how it makes you feel and you want to tell everyone about it and hope they can have the same enlightenment you have encountered.

3. THANKFUL (4:21)
Thankful is our expression of gratitude to all who have helped us recognize and utilize our abilities and reach higher levels of excellence.


5. INTO YOUR HANDS (5:48) (Feature Track)
"Into Your Hands" speaks to the struggle within and needing that power and love to help you get back on your feet when everything you do turns into disaster. He takes His loving hands and brings you out of misery and into happiness.

6. NEED A LOVE (4:15)
A man's desperate need for a love that will bind his life together in true happiness and contentment. All the while that love waits and watches as he stumbles through the ups and downs of his path to get there.

7. I BELIEVE (3:44)
Relating the inner thoughts of how you consciously perceive someone's enduring existence within your life.

8. IT'LL BE (4:06)
Life changes and decisions take us in many different directions, and sometimes the way is not clear until we commit to that next step.

9. SETTING UP (4:35)
With no time schedule, we prepare a new base camp in the woods, which reminds us of simpler people living in simpler times.

10. LIKES (4:52) (Feature Track)
Looking at everything around us that is generally taken for granted. Using our senses to experience all the natural beauty that totally surrounds us perpetually.

11. I PRAY FOR YOU (4:12)
The sadness and turmoil of a love gone wrong tearing apart two hearts that give it all up before true love is achieved. And you pray that it will all work out.

A singer's journey of the struggle between a successful career and the joy of a settled life. Continually pushing himself into humiliation and running away from the feelings that tear at him throughout the progression.

13. EMPTY LOCKET (4:55)
On discovery of an empty locket, you start to wonder if it somehow reflects the depth and meaning of your life.

14. SUNSHINE ON MY SOUL (4:14) (Feature Track)
This music video is a song that is dedicated to anybody who has had a profound and lasting affect on your life and they probably don't even know it.

Proclaiming a beat, a mood, an ambiance! Sounds and feelings have fallen into place. Lively instrumentation seemed to fit better than traditional lyric application. It all seems to fit and it feels right. We hope the world agrees. Enjoy!


Two Schmitts and a Cabela, that's how it all started. Two brothers and their best friend looking to rock the world. Like most kids with dreams of fame and fortune, all they really wanted to do was jam out with their buddies. Like all who came before them, they tried everything they could think of to get into the music business.

This passion to play and sing and share their songs found them playing out anywhere someone with a building and electricity would let dances, a garage, backyard parties, weddings, and more. Almost immediately, this young trio of "brothers" started writing and recording original songs. Oddly enough, when playing out they found that they really preferred playing their originals instead of covers, and they were connecting with their audiences.

Well-rehearsed and armed with some studio recordings of their original songs, they started sending out packages to anyone who would listen. Very quickly, they determined that the music business was not as much fun as they thought it would be. However, their God given gifts for creating and sharing original music that was important to them grew stronger.

Throughout the years, all three members have learned to play multiple instruments, honed their vocal chops, and refined their songwriting. Their musical goal has always been and will continue to be to write, record, and share with the world their songs of family, faith, and God. Fortunately, with the advancement of technology, home studios, and the internet, the trio have found a way to record and release 10 albums to date.

Constant students of the business side of music, Cabela & Schmitt continue to find new and different ways to market and promote their music to their ever-growing legion of loyal fans around the world.

Our music is really a snapshot of our life. The birth of a song happens with just accumulating random thoughts on how life comes and how you react to it. So, the thoughts are there, scattered, no rhymes, no order, just like anybody can have. We always have music in our hearts/heads, and all we do is learn what we hear. The melodies start playing, and suddenly those random thoughts and phrases begin to fall into place, like they belong. Most people call that songwriting, but we don't take that credit for ourselves. We believe we've been given messages that need to be shared.

Our love for making music has been mostly a lifelong venture. These sounds come to life in our hearts and minds and they are gifts we have been given to be able to bring these songs to life in our recordings. It's the most satisfying thing when we get feedback from some of our fans who have been touched by the music. That is so rewarding.

We are inspired by so many artists, not only by their music, but in some cases their lives and examples.

We are releasing and promoting music non-stop and our hope is that it will touch our audience in a positive way and help them ponder their life situation and receive, believe and appreciate the power of love.

We want to thank all our fans for their great support.

Cabela & Schmitt are: Rich Cabela (guitar, keyboards), Wayne Schmitt (guitar, keyboards), and Tom Schmitt (bass guitar, keyboards).


We are a trio of friends who have been collaborating for over 40 years. We come from the heart of the United States and humble beginnings. Our only goal as a group at this stage in our lives is to share with others what we have so freely and abundantly been given.

Every person has the God-given ability to choose how they want to view the world. We are all given a voice, in some way or another, to communicate how we see and experience the world. It is each person's choice how and when to use that voice.

Cabela & Schmitt have chosen to expose our thoughts, beliefs, and feelings in the best way we can....through a song. We have always wanted to share our music without giving up this wonderful life we've been given, and we are so very happy and excited to be able to share with you!

We want to express how grateful we are that you have taken the time to listen to one or more of our songs. We hope they have touched you in one way or another.

~Cabela & Schmitt
  • Members:
    Wayne Schmitt (guitar, keyboards), Tom Schmitt (bass guitar, keyboards), Rich Cabela (guitar, keyboards)
  • Sounds Like:
    Tom Petty, The Beatles, Eagles, Imagine Dragons
  • Influences:
    The Beatles, Eagles, Eric Clapton, Tom Petty, Coldplay, Imagine Dragons, Aerosmith, Moody Blues, too many to list.
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