There's A Record Book (3:09)

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Larry Whitehead

Publishers & PRO:
Sure Fire Music Co., Inc. (BMI)

Mike Richards - Mandolin Lead
Terri Argot Gore - Lead Vocals
Ricky Gore - Upright Bass
Jim Britton - Banjo and Guitar
Andy Leftwich - Fiddle and Mandolin Chops
Darrin Vincent - Backing Vocals
Ben Rochester - Dobro


To be well known of men I may never be
I'm sure my name will not go down in history
There'll be no marble plaque to tell of my good deeds
Nor any great parade to honor me

But there's a record book, my name is written in
It was recorded there, when I was born again
No one can blot it out, it's sealed forevermore
It's in that book of life kept by the Lord

For every deed I do, for every word I say
There is a record kept, until the judgment day
My name will not be lost, misplaced or overlooked
For it's kept safely in God's record book

(repeat Chorus)
- Revelation 3:5

Production Information:
Produced by The Chigger Hill Boys & Terri
Recorded at The Cole Mine, Smyrna, TN
Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Greg Cole
Additional engineering (Dobro, Guitar and Vocals) by Ben Rochester