When I Die
I don’t go in for delusion,
When my life comes to an end.
Just sticking to the evolution,
I must accept and understand;
My soul will pass into nothingness.
My body will be rendered to the earth.
All my reality will cease to be.
That’s when I die.

You won’t put up with this story;
There must be more in the beyond.
A state of being filled with glory,
And everyone is glad and fond.
So you’ll be taken up in paradise.
Your body isn’t needed anymore.
It’s this conviction that has made you say;
“That’s when I die”.

So you look at me in compassion,
And say, you wanna safe my soul.
But I won’t lose myself in abstractions,
To not lose sight of what’s my goal;
Just live my life in happiness.
No matter what’s in fact the final cause.
Till everything is done and finished.
That’s when I die.
That’s when I die.
That’s when I die