All Those People
All those people want to smile
And have a standing in the crowd
Getting all their wishes, free and wild
And reach the state of feeling proud
Far away from the cryings over there
And rather not being faced by the wrongs
Always building their castles in the air
That can bring enough happiness along

All those people need to breath
And claim their right of being here
But when it comes to the case of life and death
They had to face their greatest fear
If there's still something in the air
Getting them the beauty of life
Or meet a world, that really doesn't care
They're fated to always be deprived

All those people need to eat
From the scarce and shrinking fields
And from all that disputable meat
Up to the limits, the earth can yield
Up to the time, it can no longer meet
What it always kindly brought about
Just all those hungry people's needs
Ending in the fatal running out