Somewhere Out There
Lyricist: Butch Black
Composer: Butch Black
Publishing: Boyz and the Beez Music
Recorded by Smith Sisters and the Sunday Drivers
Release Date: 03/16/2023
UPC: 198015491330

Butch Black wrote "SOMEWHERE OUT THERE" for family who had lost their lives to Alzheimer's and the caregivers that took care of them.

When we first heard the song we had no idea of its true meaning. It wasn’t until we were ready to record that we learned the true purpose.

This song took on even more meaning for us because our mom also had suffered with Alzheimer's. The two of us, along with our siblings and spouses, became our mom’s full time caregivers for the last 18 months of her life. She passed away a few months prior to recording.

Everyone who has lost a loved one should here this song. It will provide hope and healing! It's a big hug to every caregiver out there!