Elvis on the Jukebox (Featuring Pat Hannon)
Anything "ELVIS" is "hot" right now, right? Well there are no coincidences and we think this single is coming out right now for a reason and definitely not just by “coincidence”. We also think this tune will be one of your favorites!

This is a song about the Smith Sister's brother’s birthday and a jukebox that turned on by itself after hours. Apparently, this jukebox was known for turning on hours after the venue was closed. It always played Elvis music and it would play him over and over and over again.

The story unfolded the night of the Smith sisters brother's 40th birthday. It happened in a pizza joint in the mountains of Crestline, California. Their brother was opening his birthday presents. There was a jukebox which was about 50 feet from them. No one was in the place except their family and 3 employees who were all behind the counter right in front of them.

Their brother was opening his presents and he began opening a gift from his sister Kelli and her husband Tim. As he opened the gift suddenly the jukebox which was about 50 feet away from any person suddenly turned on by itself. There was no one else around! It sounded like someone plugged the jukebox in (the song moaned up to full speed). The song was Elvis’ Presley’s “Hounddog.” The gift he opened coincidentally happened to be a gas station attendants shirt with a name patch that read "Elvis." When this happened it sent chills up everyone’s spine.

As Kelli strongly claims “God dropped the lyrics” on her about 10 years after the event, very early in the silence of the morning… at 3am. The lyrics came to her first. They came so fast her pen could barely keep up. She said it was like the words were being funneled through her and like poetry… like lyrics to a song but she had never written a song in her life!

Then months later (again same time 3am in the morning) she woke up walked into her home office to check email on her computer and she discovered the lyrics she had written. The notebook was opened to the page where she wrote them months prior. She nor her husband placed them there.

As she was reading the lyrics the tune came to her, only this time audibly. Kelli says they too were funneled through her and the voice she heard sounded like Elvis himself. You can’t make this stuff up!

Later this very same day Kelli went on facebook to discover it was Elvis's birthday. The day the song was complete!

Many other things happened throughout recording this song and filming 3 separate music videos that proved to be greater than simply coincidence, but these were some of the big ones. We found out through Ancestry that we are distant cousin's to Elvis on our dad's side. Our dad was also a famous singer same time Elvis was. Elvis's mother’s maiden name was also Smith.

Elvis on the Jukebox features “Sunday Driver” Pat Hannon on lead vocals alongside the Smith Sisters, Kelli Smith-Lewis and Wendi Smith-Kilman on backing vocals.

When you listen try to imagine Elvis singing it like he did for Kelli that morning.

The morning the tune arrived Kelli woke her husband and told him "I have a hit!" "I have a hit!" She was confident and still is today! She says if God gave it to her and Elvis sang it to her it had to be a hit!

A song you’ll definitely want to play over and over!