Pennies on the Ground
Just outside my window…
Thanks for the reminders the pennies on the ground
Hummingbirds fly up to me when no-one’s around
A butterfly he follows me everywhere I go
On my walk, on my porch, just outside my window

Are you telling me you love me when I hear you sing?
Are you staying close beside me til I grow my wing?
Do you come to see me to tell me you’re OK?
Or are you simply waiting there so we can fly away? (fly away)

Every time I feel you there you always catch my eye
Your gentleness, unspoken word as you flutter by
Brightly colored feathers some yellow, others green
Just like I a hummingbird your wings are aubergine

You came to me again today & floated in the air
You danced & spread your wings for me, seems you have no cares

The butterfly still follows me everywhere I go
On my walk, on my porch just outside my window.
The butterfly still follows me…