Gramma had land 50 miles from here
so we drove there to check on it
our family of six in a Volkswagen bus
in a car where 6 of us fit
Found a turtle out there
So we took him home
Barnabas was his name
Named after a man on a TV show
but his name didn’t cause him his fame

A few days later mom packed up the kids
Took a trip down to the beach
In our Ford Torino, Turtle stowed away
Cooler packed UP nice & neat!
Before ya knew the Turtle disappeared
Brother’s head - Was nowhere in sight!
Soon discovered he was under the seat
Head wedged & boy it was tight!

In her blue bikini - Mama made a call
She PHONED the local FD
They said “we’ll be there soon
in a minute or 2 Worst case... possibly 3”
They finally arrived
said “in all our lives
Never had a call like this!”
From the JAM they were in
Somethin’ Mama Just Couldn’t Dismiss
SHE SAID.. “next time we go - there to check on the land”
answers “no - not bringin it home!
Grab a handful of sand & a cactus or two
next time - ya leave it to roam!”
next time - ya leave it to roam!”
next time - ya leave it to roam!”