CJ (3:55)


Kelli Lewis (714)369-0471

Songwriter - Kelli Lewis-85% & Kelly Corsino-15%

Publishing - Boyz and the Beez Music-85% & Mind Body Spirit Publishing-15%

PRO - Kelli Lewis-BMI /Kelly Corsino-ASCAP

Produced by: Boyz and the Beez Music & 2nd Floor Recording

Release Date: 08/31/18


Vocals: Kelli Lewis
Vocals: Wendi Kilman
Banjo & Guitar: David Burns
Fiddle: Michael Kelly
Mandolin: Tom Corbett
Upright Bass: Paul Loranger

While in Washington for a wedding my husband and I decided to go to dinner together. We went to this great restaurant on a lake. I was drawn to our waitresses bracelet immediately and before I knew what I was saying, I blurted out "I love your bracelet and I think you need to give that to me!" I was kind of joking but she took it off and gave it to me and she wouldn't take it back. Trust me... I tried!

I did love the bracelet though and was happy to get it, but more than that I was blown away by her generosity and willingness to give something away like that!

I asked her some questions about where she lived where she got the bracelet, etc. Her name was CJ and she was from Montana. I told her I was going to write a song about her and I was going to win a Grammy. Now why would I tell her that??? Again it was something I just blurted out!

Her spirit touched me so I had to write a song about her!