Elvis on the Jukebox No One Else Around
Elvis on the Jukebox No One Else Around (2:54)


Kelli Lewis 714-369-0471

Songwriters: Kelli Lewis-85% & Kelly Corsino-15%

Publishing: Boyz and the Beez Music-85% & Mind Body Spirit Publishing-15%

Produced by: Boyz and the Beez Music & 2nd Floor Recording

Release Date: 08/31/18


Vocals: Kelli Lewis
Vocals: Wendi Kilman
Banjo & Guitar: David Burns
Fiddle: Michael Kelly
Mandolin: Tom Corbett
Upright Bass: Paul Loranger

It was our brothers 40th birthday and 6 of us went to a pizza joint to celebrate. We arrived just as the restaurant was closing but the staff said it was okay and we were welcome. So we ordered pizza and beer, had cake and just as our brother opened his present (which happened to be a gas station attendants shirt with a name patch that read "Elvis") from the other side of the room the jukebox turned itself on and started playing "Hound dog"by Elvis Presley. Now keep in mind there was no-one else in the place and no-one was anywhere near the jukebox.

We were all completely stunned because of the timing of the gift and the song starting... literally a the same instant.

I jumped up, ran to the counter and asked the girls working (did you hear that?!) They calmly said that "this happens every night hours after we close... the jukebox turns itself on and plays nothing but Elvis tunes one after the other."

Fast forward 10 years later... I wanted to start writing music so this story was the first that came to mind. I wrote the lyrics very easily at 3 am... it was as if they were being funneled directly to me. When I finished writing the words I put them aside and fell asleep.

A few months later I came across those lyrics again very early in the morning. My notepad was wide open on my desk to the very pages where the lyrics were. It was as if someone had placed them there, but I didn't and my husband said he didn't either. As I was sitting there suddenly again I had that funnel sensation... but this time I could hear what sound like Elvis Presley singing a tune to my lyrics. I grabbed my recorder on my cell phone and started recording what I was hearing... the entire tune came to me in about an hours time. I woke my husband up and sang it for him. He agreed he thought it was a hit! I thought... well of course it is, Elvis just sang it to me!

Later that same day I went on Facebook and discovered it was January 8th... Elvis Presley's birthday! No joke!!