Put 2 and 2 Together
Put 2 and 2 Together (3:10)


Kelli Lewis (714)369-0471

Songwriter: Kelli Lewis

Publishing: Boyz and the Beez Music


Produced By: Boyz and the Beez Music and 2nd Floor Recording

Release Date: 08/31/2018


Vocals: Kelli Lewis
Vocals: Wendi Kilman
Banjo & Guitar: David Burns
Fiddle: Michael Kelly
Mandolin: Timothy Lewis
Upright Bass: David Williams

Our Momma owned an antique store in San Bernardino Mountains in California. Momma's store was called "Way Back When". Priscilla Presley frequented our moms store and as mom said she would spend lots of time there. On the first few meetings our mom had no idea who she was. It wasn't until one of her employees told her and this was after a several visits.

Our moms employees brought in a video tape of a movie that Priscilla was in and a light went on as to who she was.

Mom then asked Priscilla to sign a poster for our brother. Our brother is a huge fan of both Priscilla and Elvis. Apparently, Priscilla was amazed to see this poster saying she had never seen it before. Gladly she signed it for my mom. She also signed a napkin for our niece who was also a huge fan.

I thought this story was so sweet just like our mom, I had to write about it!