Written for a friend's son who was a victim of the Opioid epidemic. in the spirit of the album attempting to tell his story from inside his mindset as he left this world.

The song is mean't to flow into my cover of one verse of Bob Dylan's "Chimes of Freedom" that follows this song at the end of the album but had to be separated do to respecting intellectual rights

Recorded at Perfect Sky Music, Coral Gables Florida March 2018
Engineered by Steve Bass
Mixed by Michael Weiskopf and Steve Bass
Mastered by Ed Courage at Abbey Road Studios, UK

Michael Weiskopf-Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Piano
Randolph Hudson- III-Ebo, Electric Guitar,synth
Damian Sanchez-Tenor Saxaphone
Steve Bass- Electric Bass
Lauren Matzen-Gardiner's Bay
Dan Koontz-Organ
Patricio Acevedo-Cello