It Don't Bother Me
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Blue Highway Insomnia Music

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Open your eyes and you will see
erosion of your freedom
What’s turning weak was one time strong
It’s Inside out what’s right is wrong
But it don’t bother me

The ship of state is manned by fools
parasites that loot and use
While the machines of endless war
Drone on and on no change of score
But it don’t bother me

I saw a dozen old white men
Steal from the poor using their pens
With condescending looks and sneers
Weaving a tapestry of fear
But it don’t bother me

It’s gone from bad to worse these days
While people stumble in a haze
Numbed by their work and talking heads
Critical thinking’s all but dead
But it don’t bother me

Oooh when will we wake up
Without movement there is
No shake up
The abandoned voting booth
Sits there like a broken tooth
But it don’t bother me

I’m leaving soon I’m getting out
I’m not plagued by fear or doubt
I think there is a better place
Not hung up on class and race
If thinking this makes me a fool
Cause maybe what I think ain’t true
it don’t bother me