Virginia Clay
He'd rather ride his tractor than go chasing after
Some girl who'd like a 9 dollar drink
Traded that tassle it was too much hassle
a piece of paper dont mean you can think

He's like Rocky Mountain he is strong and steady
His bootsteps heard all around the farm
He's a sharp shooter his aim is true and ready
and I'm the one on his arm

So plant that seed, low and deep
In that Red Virginia Clay
So the rain cant wash it away

Hitting golfballs at the water towers
No reservations we'll just grab a bite
Get the cooler we're goin to the river
Is his kind of Friday night

Its been a long week, people been crazy
Sometimes its hard to see the light
But when you get him home, fingers worked to the bone
He'll make everything alright

So plant that seed, low and deep
in that red Virginia Clay
so the rain cant wash it away.