Ferguson Fight (Live)
Ferguson Fight by Randy Hanson (Key of A, 120BPM)
Verse 1
Is the revolution still on tonight?
Did we miss out, on the fight?
Is the revolution, worth the price?
Can we take back, take back the night?
Blacks and whites are fillin’ the streets
Bottles and rocks are fallin’ at my feet
Hey Ferguson, take on the fight!
But don’t you go and steal the night!
Break 1
Verse 2
Stolen from the left, and taken by the right
Cry your name, and steal the dream
So take me down, down to the border
Where there ain’t no, law and order!
Break 2
Verse 1
Verse 1 plus following tag
Can we take back, take back the night?
Take back, take back, take back the night!
(Pause Acapello on last part of 2nd phrase)
Instrumental Outro on Verse