Until I Go
Verse 1
Made a modest living
In this lonesome town
The struggles always turning
The wise into clowns
So I’m (just) gonna stay drunk until I go
Verse 2
Poor man wants for money
The rich man wears a frown
The lonely look for company, while
the silence begs for sound
so I’m (just) gonna stay happy til I go
Sunsets go down each day
The skys cloud to grey
Every dawn’s a brand new way
So I’m gonna be thankful until I go
Verse 3
The road I’ve traveled lately
Leads me homeward bound
Such sins at my back
It’d kill me to turn around
I’m just gonna be honest before I go
Verse 3
You keep trying
To find
A Sign
I’m just going
I’m just going
To enjoy
My time
So I’m just gonna stay happy until I go.