Hometown Blues
Verse 1
Smoke stacks and coal mines
Living back here had me going blind
Down a one lane dirt road I roll
Back to my hometown
Born and raised where the music sounds
Both loud in my ears and in my soul
in a little village far east of here
Where drank my first beer
Had a taste of moonshine now and then
After school, as I grew
Never missed this place I knew
stays the same and that's a comfort to me
My home's always far from here
But when u have family, home's always near
Dear friends and faces that I love
laughing, share a drink or two
Folks you know, ring so true
Home is deep in my heart
Verse 2
head north on route 7
Past yorkville plant where dad made a livin
Be in the city so soon
Mama born on a farm in east wheeling
I'll never forget that home town feeling
Growing up there was easy to do
Verse 3
Make a right, Steubenville to Pittsburgh
Sing a tune just to be heard
Always a good way to pass time
brought my music west of Mississippi
Could never turn back until I'm 50
There's a ladder ahead I've got to climb