Verse 1
My Momma’s Momma’s Momma, she used to say
Gotta get up every morning and get on your way,
Do your chores and you can go and play
Ah But don’t let nothin’, stand in your way
Don’t say whoa in a mud hole!…….. Just say, Gettie Up!
When you’re down and dirty, just say, Gettie Up!
Cross that Valley, climb that Mountain!
Hold on tight, and just say, Gettie Up!
Verse 2
My Momma’s Momma’s Momma, she came out west
Oh the Oregon Trail, was a hell of a test
Wagons ho, California’s callin’
Blood, sweat, and fear, won’t stand in her way
Verse 3
When I got older and I found you,
Oh we had our own way, and our own little crew
Got it going, with our shoulder to the plow
Got it on down the road, anyway and anyhow…..
Chorus +repeat last line