By My Silence
Written by award winning Florida singer-songwriters Ellen Bukstel and Nick Annis, “By My Silence” has been called “a powerful gut-wrenching song about the regret of keeping a fearful silence during the Holocaust.” (Jonathan Widran of Music Connection) Their lyric was inspired by a poem attributed to Rev. Martin Niemöller, a German Protestant Minister imprisoned for seven years in two concentration camps for his anti-Nazi activities. When asked how he, a Christian Pastor, became incarcerated, his famous answer began, "First they came for the Communists, and I did not speak out because I was not a Communist." “By My Silence” has won accolades including; Grand Prize Winner in the 2008 Music to Life Song Competition, Winner, 2010 Int’l New Zealand Peace Song Competition; Folk Finalist, the 2009 John Lennon Song Competition and was the #4 song, May 2010 on the Folk DJ chart.

“Based on a concept that is important and famous, “By My Silence” makes the point powerfully and well. Lots of good song craft here with a deeply important message. All to the good!”
- Peter Yarrow