Tanglewood Tree
Love is a tanglewood tree in a bower of green
In a forest at dawn
Fair while the mockingbird sings, but she soon lifts her wings
And the music is gone

Young lovers in the tall grass with their hearts open wide
When the red summer poppies bloom
But love is a trackless domain and the rumor of rain
In the late afternoon

Love is an old root that creeps through the meadows of sleep
When the long shadows cast
Thin as a vagrant young vine, it encircles and twines
And it holds the heart fast
Catches dreamers in the wildwood with the stars in their eyes
And the moon in their tousled hair
But love is a light in the sky, and an unspoken lie
And a half-whispered prayer

I'm walkin' down a bone-dry river but the cool mirage runs true
I'm bankin' on the fables of the far, far better things we do
I'm livin' for the day of reck'nin countin' down the hours
I yearn away, I burn away,I turn away the fairest flower of love.. 'cause darlin'

Love is a garden of thorns Love's garden of thorns, how it grows
And a crow in the corn Black crow in the corn hummin' low
And the brake growing wild Brake nettle so pretty and wild
And thistles surround the edge of the

Cold when the summer is spent Dim dark hour as the sun moves away
In the jade heart's lament Lamenting a lost summer day
For the faith of a child Who nurtures the faith of a child
When nothing remains to cover her eyes?
My body has a number and my face has a name
And each day looks the same to me Each hour like each hour before
But love is a voice on the wind This longing is a voice on the wind
And the wages of sin She cultivates the wages of sin
And a tanglewood tree In a tanglewood tree