Find Your Way
Great Uncle Howard was a pilot in Korea
Proud to serve on the front line
With a Smith & Wesson pistol and a flask for courage
He flew 57 missions in a B-29

I went to see this living legend of our family
To get to know the heart behind the man
After lunch when I asked
What he’d learned through his life
He shared some wisdom
That helped to make me who I am .. He said

Walk with your head held high
Look people straight in the eye
Say what you mean and do the things you say
Right to your bones remember you’re God’s child
See His hand in everything and smile
Get down on your knees at the break of every day,
Oh you’ll be tested in life
But I know you’ll find your way.

As he sat on his porch, at peace with himself
His clear blue eyes studying me
He never spoke about his time in the Air Force
Nothing like the hero I expected to see

He said “boy let me tell you ‘bout conquering fear
My greatest battles were not with a gun
I swore I’d overcome 20 years of alcohol addiction
So I could be a real father to my own son.”
… and it was living hell … He said


Courage comes from standing up,
And doing what’s right
You can cut and run or stick to your guns
When it’s your time to fight


You’ll be tested in life but I know you’ll find your way