You Know - You Don't Know
I was a schoolboy, we were just kids
I had a crush, tried to keep it hid
We'd walk the same road home every day
Why do you think I acted that way?
You know – you know – you don't know

Years went by, we kept on that way
You didn't notice, I couldn't say
Tried to write you, words got stuck
Stayed in my head, I was out of luck
You know – you know – you don't know

Asked a friend to tell you, told him what to say
Musta talked awful slow, he was gone all day
Hired a skywriter, wrote it in the sky
You never looked up, you just walked on by
You know – you know – you don't know

If I hit a tree, they're gonna send me a bill
Sun's gonna come up over that hill
It ain't no secret where I wanna go
Shouldn't have to tell you, you oughta know
You know – you know – aw you don't know