I Didn't Come Here to Lie
I got to come over to see you my friend
got a few things to say about the shape you're in
When you close your eyes you can't see what you fear
and when you raise your voice then you can't hear
It wouldn't hurt you listen when I stop by -
I didn't come here to lie

There's something 'bout you that you don't like
so you go downtown and you don't come back
Used to treat your woman good now you ain't the same
and you're all mixed up about who's to blame
You better straighten it out before somebody dies
I didn't come here to lie

Devils in your head won't leave you alone
they keep at you wherever you go
Them devils are wit you when you get home
and you ain't sure if they're friend or foe

I know you got troubles I can hear you shout
and you say you're just tryin' to find a way out
Well you can push on a wall or push on a door
it all depends on what your pushin' is for
Better figure it out if you don't know why -
I didn't come here to lie

Maybe you hit her and maybe you don't
maybe she'll tell and maybe she won't
Only you know the truth so I can't say
and maybe you can drive your devils away
You'll never find out if you don't try -
I didn't come here to lie