Bread Is Buttered in Bluegrass
Well I've been playing bluegrass for now on 15 years
Made a little money playing here and there
Some boys from the city gave me a Fender Strat
Said play some rock and roll guitar that's where the money's at

I tried to play that electric the strings were way too light
That amp it squealed and hollered I couldn't set it right
My singing came out country no matter what I did
I told em all that I was through and this is what I said

My Bread is buttered in bluegrass
That's just the way it is
Guitar, banjo, mandolin, with a little bass thrown in
Stay there where your roots are that's what the people say
My bread is buttered in bluegrass and that's where Im gonna stay

To all you rock-n-roll pickers I got nothing bad to say
Im just too darn country to ever play that way
I'd rather play the Stanley's, Monroe, and Lester Flatt
I'll stick with this old Martin that's where the music's at