INSECT BALL (McNeely) Bug Music/Of Hoppin' Deacon Music/BMI 2:35

Well it’s half past five at the
The Insect Hall
The insects was havin’
An Insect Ball
The music was furnished by the cricket band
And all the insects was right on hand
Bedbug he had
A special invite
But he couldn’t go
He had to work that night
The flea rode up
On a fine bull pup
You shoulda heard the band
When it struck up
Grasshopper hopped in,
And she looked about,
She didn’t say a word
She just hopped back out
All the insects was filled with glee
The ant did the boogie with the bee

There was a head bug red bug scared bug dead bug
Wrong bug right bug white bug light bug
Skinny bug fat bug thinny bug flat bug
Flies fleas gnats and bees
And-a ants in their BVD’s
At the intermission
Just before the dance
They introduced Brother Hootie
Who was just [in] from France
The termite got high
And cut a groove in the floor
And when they kicked him out
He ate a hole in the door
All good things must come to an end
The gnat opened a bottle that he thought was gin
He stepped to the bar for a drinking spree
And whaddaya know?  It was DDT
Wrong bug
Right bug
Light bug
Tight bug
Man!  Dig them bugs
They was rockin’
At the Insect Hall
They was jumpin’
On and off the walls
Squirmin’ through the window
Squirmin’ through the door
Doin’ things bugs never done before
Like the superloop
And the bug-a-loo
There he goes
Oh don’t old Bedbug move
Well, rock, Bug, rock
Well, rock, Bug, rock
Well, rock, Bug, rock
Well, rock, Bug, rock
Well, rock, Bug, rock