07. Colorblind (3:27)

He was blonde hair and blue eyes
with a southern boys charm
She was dark skin and Beautiful
and she felt good in his arms
And he loved her and she loved him
There friends said it won’t last
That’s just a fact
It’s such a different world
on that side of the tracks
But he loved her and she loved him

Love is colorblind but it ain’t black and it ain’t white
It’s just shades of heart and soul and it’s gets you every time
It sees the good paints what’s right and leaves the doubt behind
Love ............ is colorblind

He built her a little house out on the edge of town
They Spent the next sixty years or so chasing kids around
And he loved her and she loved him
Soon he’ll be ninety she’s pushing 89
I Guess there friends were wrong It’s been a wonderful life
Cause he loves her and she loves him

We’ve come a long way we still got a ways to go
Guess the worlds still learning what they’ve always known