Hard Road to Easy Street
Hard Road to Easy Street words & music by JC Scott © 2015

Lucky can’t remember half of where he’s been
Fingerpickin’ in a 1000 bars, here to New Orleans
Says he loves his vodka
Says it helps him stay on his feet
It also helps him fade to black
On the hard road to easy street

Three times Cupid’s arrow split his soul in two
Now he writes his songs about the passions of a fool
Some call him a poet
Some call him a liar and a cheat
Either way he’s upside down
On the hard road to easy street

There are high roads and there are low roads
And those dead ends take their toll
But the ones that keep you in darkness
Are the ones that grab you
The ones you let trap you
The ones you can walk away from
If you will just let go

Then a fair haired maiden, sweet and gentle thing
Sang Bell Bottom Blues with him
Their hearts beat the same
‘Cause they were born to sing together
Songs that live forever
And it don’t get much better
On the Hard Road to Easy Street