Happily (2:15)
Happily (2:15)

Songwriters: Carrie Cunningham, Ceri Usmar
Publishing & PRO: Sound Barn Publishing, ASCAP / Earle Girl Music Publishing, ASCAP

Contact: Carrie Cunningham

(509) 230-5473

There are so many reasons we belong together With you in my life, everything is better
You’re the sun, I’m the moon and the stars
It’s like
I can be the maple, if you’ll be the bacon You can be the shoes and I will be the laces You and me, that’s how we are

Happily happily happily
We just fit so perfectly Sailing through life so happily
I can bring the chalk if you’ve got the sidewalk I’m a call away if you ever wanna have a talk No need to look far


I can see the sun whenever we’re together You’re my shelter in the stormy weather And I know, that’s how we will stay
RPT Chorus