Paper Cuts (3:06)
Paper Cuts (3:06)

Songwriters: Carrie Cunningham, James Donnelly
Publishing & PRO: Sound Barn Publishing, ASCAP / James Donnelly Music, APRA

Contact: Carrie Cunningham
(509) 230-5473

Years of pages, I just blew through
filled with memories, of all the things we use to do
but you took our love, and wrote a different song
now the lyric reads, like you were stringing me along

Every word in every line, use to get me every time
now they’re burning in the dark
like paper cuts across my heart
lips I use to know so well, are razor blades that hurt like hell
I feel the pain, you left your mark
paper cuts across my heart

our chapters were long,they kept going on and on
we wrote them every night, until the break of dawn
but you grew, so tired, and brought it to an end
Those ink stains I desire, start to smudge when pages bend

Don't say another word, you already got me,
you just wear your crimson smile and watch me bleed, bleed, bleed