You Don't Need the Whiskey (3:11)
You Don't Need the Whiskey (3:11)

Songwriters: Carrie Cunningham, Megan Barker
Publishing & PRO: Sound Barn Publishing, ASCAP / Megan Barker Music, BMI

Contact: Carrie Cunningham
(509) 230-5473

Hey boy, that’s a nice collection
I bet every bottle on that shelf has a story to tell
Hey boy, I’ve got no objection
but it looks like you’ve been scraping the bottom, of the well

you can take a shot of me tonight,
I can guarantee, I got what you like

Cuz I'm Johnny walker Blue
Strong, I'll get you buzzed before too long
Im your Jack, I’m your Jim, I’m exactly what you need
When you fall in love, with the right woman,
You dont need the whiskey

I dont, I dont need your play by play
I got my own set of balls, and I ain’t about keeping score
you don’t, have to watch the words you say
I can dish it out better and leave you wanting more

so go on take that shot of me tonight,
sip it nice and slow, I’ll last all night

I’ll make you feel, like a man again