One Less Regret (3:43)
One Less Regret - (3:43)

Songwriters: Carrie Cunningham, Dave Quirk
Publishing & PRO: Sound Barn Publishing / ASCAP, Dave Quirk Music Publishing / ASCAP

Contact: Carrie Cunningham
(509) 230-5473

I just pulled up in the yard, with a shiny new home on wheels
The kind that fits just one
In 90 seconds or less, I can grab anything I need
then I’ll be good and gone
was she worth the mess, your trashy little fling
well I’m cleaning house, and it ain’t even spring

One less regret,one last goodbye
Nothing but mud upon the signs I leave behind 2 lanes of freedom, two eyes open wide
I’m gonna ride until I see a new sunrise
Woo woo wooo Woo woo wooo

Stole your daddy’s Colt 45, I’m taking out the the trailer lights
and I won’t be seeing red
No sense in looking back, no reflection of the past
Just me, and lights, Ahead