One Less Regret (3:43)
One Less Regret - (3:43)

Songwriters: Carrie Cunningham, Dave Quirk
Publishing & PRO: Sound Barn Publishing / ASCAP, Dave Quirk Music Publishing / ASCAP

Contact: Carrie Cunningham
(509) 230-5473

One Less Regret is a tempo song about a woman getting even with her cheating significant other. I wrote it with a Spanish flare, so between the lyrics and the sound, it will take you down a long stretch of a Southwest highway.

Kenny Royster productions and
Direct Image Recording studio, Nashville TN
Engineer: Ken Royster
Co-Producer: Carrie Cunningham/Ken Royster

Vocals: Carrie Cunningham
Backing vocals: Tania Hancheroff
Acoustic Guitar, mandolin,Banjo: John Willis
Electric guitar, Dobro, Banjo: Bobby Terry
Drums, percussion: Nick Buda
Bass: David Francis
Keyboards: David Dorn