Want to be different
In my life,
There are just so many days.
But how to live it,
There are oh, so many ways.
But if I follow
The way that you have gone ..
I’m never gonna find the road
I should have been travelling on!

I want to be different ..
Don’t want to be the same as you ..
Don’t want to do the things that you do ..
I want to be me!

Don't lay your burden on me -
Please don’t make me bleed.
And your traditions,
They are something I don’t need.
Where they came from,
I really would not know,
But I suspect
They came from down below!
I want to be different ..

You may criticize me.
You may put me down.
I can’t fall further,
I’m already on the ground;
And I may be crawling on
A steep and rocky slope,
So the only way now
For me to go is up!
I want to be different ..

There is a beacon,
Shining oh so bright,
That I must follow,
‘Lead, oh kindly light.’
And though the road
May be hard, it may be long,
Your light will keep
My feet from going wrong.
I want to be different ..