When I feel bad,
And I've only myself to blame,
And I need help;
I've just got to call on Your Name,
And You lift me
And place me back on the wall;
You accept me
As if I had done nothing at all.

Oh Lord, I depend on You,
Every single day;
Ive just got to forget about my troubles and pray.
I need to pray.

When I'm busy,
Thoughts running through my head
When I'm lazy,
And I just want to crawl back in bed;
When I'm dizzy
My mind is just so confused;
Or I'm hurting,
I feel that I'm being used.

When I'm happy,
And things seem to go my way;
And I'm flowing
You give me the words to say;
And it feels like
You are standing right by my side;
You make me humble,
You keep knocking away my pride.