Hey hey!
You kicked off your shoes because you wanted to dance;
And then you went on a cruise to the south of France;
Youve got all kinds of music playin in your head;
And you may be confused, but baby all you said was
Heh heh! (x4)

You were speedin down the highway, with your hair tied back;
You were bleedin them dry, but theyve been cuttin you slack;
Youve got it all in front of you, dont look behind,
Cause the truth could be too much, it might just blow your mind.
Heh Heh! (x4)

Keep right on, youre goin strong;
A shining light, all through the night,
Through the night.

Well, youve been educated to the nth degree,
But all you really care about is bein free;
Youve got lots of admirers callin on your phone,
But baby, how do you feel when you are all alone?
Heh Heh! (x4)

Youve been travellin along
In a world of your own,
But it isnt the real one
Its some other zone;
Those fantasy voices stretch your sanity;
But you cant seem to face up to reality.
Heh Heh! (x8)