Something To Blame
Oh I see the light and I follow just to go find you
But I’m left alone cause the light I follow is dim and blue
Now I’m face to face and shooting with out even taking aim
Can’t keep up the pace
Can’t keep living in this one big disgraced masquerade we made

Can we find something to blame
A little smile can spark and relight that ol flame
Did I tell you I was lost with out you
Then I knew
I only want to be with you

This is the first time I live the heartache
Oh This is the last time our love has died (for you)
I can’ t define what I can’t deny
I guess it will run its course
Now I close my eyes
And remember how we used to be
And I’m wakened by fright
Cause there’s no one in this lonely bed lying with me


It’s automatic but I curse the moon light
Can’t talk about it cause it makes my head spin
I turn it around
I pull myself together
I love again
I do it again and again


For this is the last time
I live the hard way
For this is the first time
Our love has died (for you)
I can’t deny what I can’t define
I guess it will run it’s course
And pass with time.