Can’t read between the lines, can’t find there, listen to the sound of heart, can’t find ya here, I don’t want to type another word, I’m all cramped up, I need to feel a human touch and touch a happy tear, another cyber dater night, shot down failure fact, because computers can’t love, what am I doing to myself, cause I’m all froze up, I’m left empty w/ nothing oh no

1st CHORUS - I don’t want to be the last to find out, I don’tWant to be forgot or left behind, cause words
Can’t love my darlin, numbers oh they play lover’s tricks, they don’t know nothin about, the things we talk about, and there’s nothin about you, no one’s perfect, that change would fix yeah yeah yeah

Watch all the drones, nothing compares to you, where is the sound of a heart, no, no one compares to you, don’t know what you got til it’s gone gone oh, sign me in, log me on, turn me into something I’m not, another cyber dater, shot, down I’m a failure fact cause a computer can’t love, a computer Can’t love, I’m froze up but I’m still searching oh no

2nd Chorus repeat

(Bridge)I miss you, and I wonder if you feel the same way too…. Suddenly, were apart and I can’t find you anywhere, oh darling, even if your last your not alone, oh darlin, I’m all froze up I’m left empty w/ nothing oh no
3rd Chorus repeat