Ashley Riley - Second Guessing (2:52) Featured Track
“Second Guessing” was inspired by looking backwards and dealing with ghosts. I had a friend totally ghost me, and it definitely haunted me. I spent a lot of time looking back and trying to figure out what I did wrong, because for some reason I was always willing to take the blame. In the end, it was me recognizing that I’m kind of a people pleaser and I don’t like it when I upset people. I used to back down and away instead of having a hard conversation. I’m strong-willed enough that I would still do what I wanted, but I’d do it in a smaller way to keep the peace. In this particular situation, I stood my ground, and it ended the relationship and left me second guessing myself. The song is me working through all of that and at the end resolving to not feel that way again, which is probably impossible but really just means I’m going to stick up for myself when I need to. When I really looked back, though, I realized that that was a pattern for my friend. They would just drop people who didn’t agree with them, and it wasn’t even an election year! Kidding. 😉 It took me a long time to process and not still feel hurt by that. In a way. I guess this song is my goodbye to them since it was left in such a weird place. It’s like when a show you’re into gets abruptly taken off the air and they don’t even finish the storyline — I’m not a fan of that! I think what I’d hope for listeners to take away from the song is maybe a sense of trusting yourself, and also a catchy melody.