Stand Tall

Call me names to everybody that I know
Telling lies everywhere that you go
That fat-assed ego will never get you far
cause you'll never be as good as you think you are

You ain't no rockstar never have been never will be
You're so narcistic and you just ain't got no empathy
You think you're fooling all the people all the time
But they all know the truth and they all know that you're lying
They all know, they all know
That you're lying

You're so deluded never met noone like
You think you're smart but you're just another fool
Narcistic Bully hating everyone you know
But they all laugh behind you're back everywhere you go
I'd try to help you but you'd only bite my hand
You're so damn hateful that you just can't understand
Get outta the kitchen if you can't stand the heat
and you'd better start listening to the word on the street

I'm gonna stand tall,
you showed your true colors and I've got nothing to hide
I'm gonna stand tall
You showed the whole world, you showed them when you cheated and lied
I'm gonna stand tall,
noone should ever take it especially from someone like you.
I'm gonna stand tall
I ain't a gonna take it, I ain't got time for your blues