Another hot night down in New Orleans
Everybody's on the prowl if you know what I mean
She's the daughter of the Queen, Queen Marie Laveau
The Queen of the Voodoos, Down here everybody knows

Down in the french quarter beware the full moon rise
Better gather up your voodoo cause here the darkness has eyes
Sitting up with the dead, all their bodys impaled
When Sigolene starts to dancing, you can hear their screams in hell

Sigolene, she's so seductive
Sigolene, she'll take your soul
Sigolene, there's no escaping
Sigolene, nowhere left to go

Vampires are all a dancing down on St Ann Street
The Zombies down at the brothel, looking for someone to eat
Werewolves are all a howling and a combing their hair
When Sigolene starts to dancing all your souls beware